2020-21 Funding Request Form

CPC Applicants (multi-campus collaboration is required)

• Dickinson Applicant

Full name:


• Franklin & Marshall Applicant

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• Gettysburg Applicant

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1) For 2020-21 CPC events, confirm that your event(s) will be offered virtually. ___ Yes, this will be a virtual event.

2) Conference/Workshop title:

3) Proposal: Describe your project in 2-3 paragraphs (confirmation by 3 CPC applicants above is required).

4) Total proposed funding from CPC (include budget for student worker, tech support, publicity, honorarium, miscellaneous, etc):

5) Purpose of event:

6) Target Audience and Anticipated Attendance (if this is a virtual event, estimate as best as possible)

7) Is this event open to the public virtually? If so, how will you publicize it?

8) Planned date and host institution (if multiple days, provide start and end dates):

Return form to Kathy Missildine, Executive Assistant to the CPC

Date submitted:

Date approved by CPC Provosts:

rev 8/1/2020