CPC Mellon Fellowships

A Grant Program for Recently Tenured Faculty at Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, and Gettysburg Colleges


Sponsored by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Central Pennsylvania Consortium announces a new program of grants to recently tenured faculty for special projects. Projects most likely would be for scholarship, research, or creative work; however, ideas such as the development of a center or foundational work for a new intellectual endeavor could be considered as well. Projects generally will be contained within at least a full calendar or academic year. Priority will be given to faculty who have submitted their projects for external grant support, received favorable comments, but failed to secure a grant or receive full funding; however prior external application is not required. Grants of up to $6000 each will be awarded.


Faculty tenured within the past three years at any of the three institutions are eligible for funding. Collaborative teams in which a recently tenured faculty member is the key or principal researcher may apply. While a large project may have other sources of funding, it will not be possible to combine a CPC Mellon Fellowship with one of the Mellon grant programs available on the individual campuses. No one may receive two grants under this program. The Provost on each campus can authenticate the eligibility of a particular faculty member.


No prior restriction is placed on the use of funds, including the size of stipend to be awarded; however, grants are capped at $6000. Each applicant must supply a projected budget and rationale for the amount requested.

Application Process

Applications may be submitted at any time to Contact Kathy Missildine ( Those who have completed an application for funding to an external agency such as NSF, NEH, NIH, HHMI, ACLS, etc., may simply forward the original application with reviewers comments (if available) and a cover letter. However, all applications must contain a narrative explaining the project, a budget and rationale, a curriculum vitae, and a verification of eligibility from the Provost. Grants will be awarded in March.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by an external panel of three distinguished scholars selected by the CPC Board. They will recommend awards to the CPC Board, which will determine the final amounts of the awards.

Recipient’s Obligations

Faculty receiving grants are expected to complete the project proposed within the expected timetable; to spend funds in accordance with the purposes for which they were awarded; to file a project report, including a financial accounting, within two months of the completion of the grant period; and to find an appropriate mode of presentation of the project to the local campus or to a CPC audience.